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The wild painter

Beautiful paintings inspired by nature


oil on linen


Buy original paintings


bespoke work


Commission your own painting


High quality


Find out about my prints


Love colour love animals love nature


WhAt I do

I love to paint

Painting is my passion. Capturing a moment from nature for a lifetime on canvas.
Here I am painting Mohawk of the Mara. He was the first lion I saw on the Masai Mara.
I simply can't imagine my life without animals, I love to incorporate interesting and exciting colours into them. If an animal makes me go "wow" in real life, I want my paintings to make you go "wow" too!

When I observe animals in the wild I feel exhilarated and calm all at the same time, whether it's lions in Kenya or windswept highland cows in the New forest! It's just the same for me when I paint them. Exhilarated and calm. I hope you enjoy my artwork and do take a stroll around around my website to find out more about what my art is about and how I'm inspired to create.


What I can do for you

Beautiful artwork for your home

I create beautiful artwork with love that will do amazing things for your living space. Imagine having a work of art that you love, in your home. Every time you look at it, it brings you joy.

Artwork has the power to create impact with a statement piece or it can add character and warmth to your home.

My paintings combine traditional methods with a contemporary twist that will create a stylish finish to any room.

I can help you find the right artwork for you.
Buying art can be a magical experience

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